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58/5000 Criminal Case: Daily Potato Fries + 50 Energy


How much energy do you need to continue investigating those cases in Criminal Case? We leave you with Fries that grant up to 50 energy points.

Fries are the object most coveted by all players of Criminal Case, and although there are other objects such as Orange Juices that give 20 energy points or burgers, the Fries give the incredible amount of 50 Energy so that You can continue investigating your cases, which become more complicated every day.

There are different ways to get Orange Juices:

Collect them in the biography of your friends.
Buy them directly in the store for a cost of 10 Tickets.
Visit Criminal Case Rewards to get coins, hamburgers and games.
Surely you do not know, but as a player you have the right to receive some fries every day, so you can receive your fries + 50 energy then, but remember that they only work for a limited time (check the date they were published) .

Last update: 11/9/2018

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