Chefville – Missions New Year With Rock

For this New Year, Rock has set us special awards, so well that we have carried in our restaurant Chefville, and how much work we’re doing.

The event will focus on 14 days on instructions from different missions and each win prizes, Cash, Energy and more. We will use a special new kitchen with new recipes. Do not miss the grand celebration at your restaurant and you get a Chefville New Year challenge with many rewards that we detail here.

Out with the old February 1
Complete drawer wine
Loot 8 pitchers of old stuff
Cook 5 involtini meat
Rewards: 1 Wine, 50 XP, 100 Coins
Out with the old February 2
Harvest 10 Meats Europe
Ten 2-star mastery for your involtini meat
End stage 1 New Year’s ball
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 50 XP, 100 Coins


Brazilian Celebration February 1
Kitchen 6 prod and lentils
Collect 7 Seven jumpers Wane
Offers 5 Picana chef services and lentils
Rewards: 1 SAL, 100 XP, 150 coins
Brazilian Celebration February 2
Harvest 8 brocolis
Ten 2 stars expertise to prod and lentils
End Stage 2 Ball New Year
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 100 coins, 100 XP


Complete drawer arugula
Loot 8 glasses for guests
Kitchen 3 Roasted Prime RIB
Rewards: 50 XP, 200 Coins
New Year Party February 2
Ten 10 party flyers
Ten 18 stars of mastery in your kitchen Joy New Year
End Stage 3 Ball New Year
Rewards: 50 XP, 250 Coins


A sample of Taipei February 1
Collect 5 of the Water
Loot 5 luneds New Year
Kitchen 4 noodle soups
Rewards: 1 Pepper, 50 XP, 100 Coins
A sample of Taipei February 2
Loot 5 flyers New Year
Ten 2 stars sop master’s Noodle
Harvesting a Balloon Pan-Asia
Rewards 2 SAL 1 Veal, 100 coins


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