Creating Missions Chefville-The Christmas Tree

That would be your typical Christmas without decorations? Not going to let our restaurant left without a perfect Christmas tree, and in addition to giving gifts every day. This week our event is focused on the construction of the tree with the items and goodies that will give us the dishes cooked in the new Christmas kitchen. Plus you get star tree that will win more prizes as Tomillos Hour, Instant Thymes and new decorations. Enjoy Christmas with Bello and Madeline and decorate your restaurant Chefville A big.

Holiday Period March 1
Place and complete your Victorian stove
Place your Christmas tree
Click the hall
Rewards 3 cinnamon, 25 XP, 50 Coins
Holiday Period March 2
Ten 8 streamer rentals
Harvest your plant red paprika
Cook 5 overnight raisin
Rewards: 2 red peppers, 50 xp 75 coins
Holiday Period March 3
Ten 8 Winter Sensations
Offers 10 chef services overnight Raisin
Serves 5 ​​apple puff
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 75 XP, 125 Coins


Winter Heat March 1
Place oven and complete the Victorian
Serves 6 onions of your neighbors
Harvest your plant red paprika 5 times
Rewards 3 Almonds, 25 XP, 50 Coins
Winter Heat 2 March
Ten 8 items of winter cooking
Serves 7 times the sack of flour from neighboring
Serves 5 ​​stuffed almond sausages
Rewards 2 strawberries, 50 XP, 75 Coins
Winter Carlor March 3
Ten 8 rental gloves
Offering every 10 VIP services
Ten 2 stars out of Masters in chicken with almond and strawberry
Rewards: 2 instantaneous Tomillos, 75 XP, 125 Coins


Happy Mix March 1
Place and complete mixer pepper
Harvest 5 times the ground red paprika
The chef offers 10 services
Rewards: 1 green pepper, 25 XP, 50 Coins
Happy Mix March 2
Ten 8 ingredients winters
Prepare pepper 5 Mix
Serves 3 bake potato and egg
Rewards: 2 pears, 50 XP, 75 Coins
Happy Mix March 3
Ten holiday gift baskets August
Offers 10 chef services Bake potato egg
Kitchen 4 loin stuffed artichoke
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 75 XP, 125 Coins


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