Criminal Case, become a detective playing free from Facebook



There are a few games called looking objects within the social network Facebook . However, just as we shall go fully into our role as Criminal Case. This adventure in missions makes us become a whole detective able to find a needle in a haystack bloody and expose the most unlikely criminals. Criminal Case is a success on Facebook and not by chance. The player will find a very intuitive environment , cartoon type graphics as colorful and overall ambience very consistent with the dramatic scenes of the crime. Therefore, Criminal Case currently has over 10 million players trying to solve their cases.

Some violent and topics covered in Criminal Case scenes may not be considered suitable for children , so supervision is recommended before beginning to look smaller objects in this game. If you want to turn you into a detective Colombo in true style , keep reading , because then I will leave you with the direct link to Facebook, where you can play free Criminal Case. It’s time to poke a few criminals in jail …



Of course and as usual in most Facebook games, before we dive into the action and be alone to danger, we have to pass a simple tutorial. In this tutorial we will be guided by the simple steps of the game and we will show the general mechanics to follow in each murder. Take notice of the murder, go to the crime scene to look for evidence, maybe consider other parallel scenes, interrogate suspected or perform autopsies, are some of the actions that have to be performed in each mission before finding the murderer.



Once you have collected all the evidence, ruled several suspicious and put our focus on the possible culprit, we must proceed to his arrest. However, sometimes the tests coincide with the profile of two or more suspects, so our detective and intuition smell, sometimes play a vital role in solving cases.



Criminal Case is a free game and can be played as such throughout the adventure. However, certain items can be purchased with real money, to avoid having to wait between mission and mission, accelerate autopsies, getting power to unlock levels or acquire new costumes for our hero. Thus, players who choose the free option, sometimes have to wait a long time to move forward with the investigation. It should also be noted that when we start the game, you can choose various factions of our character, and their initial sex or work attire.



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