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Today we want to play with you Criminal Case! This hidden object game is still relatively is bit by bit its way into the hearts of the Facebook players. We introduce you to the new game and tell you how to solve the crimes and what is going on with the energy up.

In Criminal Case you are the new investigator of the Criminal Investigation and perplexing murder cases . In order to solve a crime , you have to find all the necessary information and can be investigated in order to finally identify the culprit from the ranks of the suspects can . To play Criminal Case , you only need an Internet-capable browser supports Flash . Not registered yet? Then along here to Criminal Case on Facebook.
On the overview map of the game, showing various neighborhoods, you work yourselves from case to case . Let’s go in the industrial area . From the overview map from it selects a murder case and will first need to investigate a crime scene before you can initiate further steps . And here come the hidden objects in the game. The crime scenes are of course hidden objects on which need to discover as soon as possible and click on it with certain items. The faster you have found all of the query objects , the more points you get for crime scene investigation. Wrong clicks and the use of tips have a negative effect on your score . Your goal should be to every hidden object , to achieve at least one star , if you want to come play in fast forward Criminal Case . For a certain score is necessary. Why the stars are so important , learn it in the next paragraph .

The Hidden Police: So “click” her offenders



Once you have the first evidence found must discharge their forensic investigations and interview potential suspects. For these actions, you need each one star. The investigation of the evidence is mostly packed in a small mini-game. The articles found here offer either a direct indication of suspected or must first be examined more in the laboratory. The laboratory investigations take time.
Have sufficient evidence along it, you can try the perpetrators of the suspect to pick out. Here you have the specifics of the suspects with the instructions and the offender profile compare to arrest the culprits can.
You need more friends in the game as a “partner” for crime scene investigations? Then a look at this Facebook fan page by: Criminal Case friends.

Play first advice Criminal Case







This Criminal Case also play really fun, here are some important information in advance. You will receive every 3 minutes and 20 seconds, add a power point. To investigate a crime scene costs 20 energy. Maximum energy 120 are filled over time again. Additional energy’s otherwise only for cash, which is the premium currency in Criminal Case, or their friends. If you accept the gift of energy from friends, you send them back at the same energy. So always nice to help out! Should you assume 120 energy more energy, this is fortunately not lost but is still credited. The automatic regeneration is interrupted, however, until you have again less than 120 energy points on the account.

In addition to energy , cash and there’s stars in Criminal Case still experience points and coins. Both experience points, and coins are available for successfully resolved cases and played Hidden Objects . With coins you can customize your your profile picture. For example, with a bullet proof vest or a stylish pair of sunglasses. Many items bound to a level increment . You step on a stage when you have collected a certain number of experience points .
The tips at a crime scene you’ll get from one of your friends , whom you chooses before the commission of the crime scene . Do you use the tips of your partner , but you get less bonus points. After completion of the Wimmelbildes can send a trading card as a reward her your partner . The bus tickets can be exchanged for items , experience points and coins if the right set was collected at cards.
As far as once of us . We hope you enjoy paly Criminal Case !


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