Criminal Case Tips and Tricks

If you play for a while, the Facebook game Criminal Case, then you know all about it: To move forward in the investigation, do you need stars. And star gets her only by her solve the crime scenes hidden objects. That you doing dusting as many points and thus comes to the stars faster, we show you in our Criminal Case Tips and Tricks gradually all hidden objects for pre-viewing and memorizing.

If you’re playing the Criminal Case , you need to consider a few things to get as many points as possible. What matters , we explain in our Criminal Case Hint: First, there is a time bonus. The falls from the more higher, the faster you will find all of the query objects . The score you can but improve again by you let pass too much time between the found objects . At the top of the screen you will see a bar that indicates the factor by which the regular score of 25,000 is multiplied. The faster you click on the objects in a row , the higher is this factor . So if you have a look once cast on the image and impresses you the items before you begin with the click, you can greatly increase your total score. And the more points you collect , the faster there’s a star as a reward.
The problem of course is that you can not even leave forever long time to you just to look at the picture. Then the valuable time bonus flutes goes at the end and that would be a pity drum . Therefore, we present to you in our Criminal Case Tips and Tricks gradually all the crime scenes before , so you may be able you to memorize before playing at rest.

Criminal Case Tips Case 1: The Death of Rosa Wolf

In your first case, you have the early and extremely brutal Death of Rosa Wolf enlighten . The young woman was found with her ​​throat cut at the roadside. Quick turns out that there are two suspects : Vipers Gang member and Ash Bison football player Matt Barry . To get the culprits to track down her examined in this case two crime scenes . To help you to find the desired articles in the two objects in the picture as quickly as possible and to dust off a lot of points , here we show you the images in close-up – as a special service in our Criminal Case Tips series , so to speak. For large view just click on each image .

Crime scene roadside

Roadside scene: Here the poor murdered Pink Wolf was found.



Crime scene Dilapidated House

At the crime scene “Dilapidated house” you are looking for more clues to the killer.



Criminal Case Tips Case 2: corpse in the garden

Lots of stomach-friendly is not about in the second case. Ned Dillard victim is found dead in his bathtub. Quick represent the investigators found: It is missing a few parts. The murderer has the poor man dismembered with a saw. Your task is not to detect only the offender, but also the missing pieces of Mr. Dillard. To do this you studied in Case 2 a total of four crime scenes, which we present to you here in our Criminal Case tips and tricks to the previous viewing available.

Dilapidated garden scene

In this garden trashed the severed hand of the victim is hidden.



Dirty bathroom scene

Truly not a pretty sight: in the bloody bathroom, the dismembered body of the victim was found.



Crime scene mini market

Was the offender about shopping in this store? The growing evidence



Market shelves

In the crowded shelves, there are certainly still some hints…



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