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Earning the challenges against Criminal Case
Criminal Case. For those who do not know, basically it is a title where we gather evidence and find objects in the scene of various crimes to find those responsible. It is a very entertaining and addictive game, which has the number of people using it is fired in recent weeks.

Well, since certain missions appear very difficult for many players, we decided to give them a little help. So, here we will explain one of the Criminal Case tricks that will help you win the challenges against very easily. How? By slowing down the counter, which will more time you have available to find lost items.



To start, you’ll need the help of Cheat Engine, through this tool will apply the aforementioned slowdown, so it is crucial to have it. Once you’ve downloaded on your system, open it. You’ll find a number of buttons and options that you may find overwhelming but do not worry: you only need a couple. After you install this utility, it will be time to enter the game.

Once you’re inside, go to Cheat Engine and click the icon of the PC that is directly below the File menu (top left corner). This will show a list of all running processes on your system at that time. Here you may browse through the list until you find the one that corresponds to the Adobe flash player (second from top to bottom) The browser should use to do the trick is firefox.

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Desktop 15/05/2013 , 03:54:32 p.m.


Now it is time to locate the option Enable Speedhack and tildarla. By doing so, you will see a field called Speed ​​with a number (usually 1.0) are displayed. This figure indicates the speed at which the game is running at the time. In other words, 1.0 is the normal speed of the game, which makes the counter challenges trial of Criminal Case to behave naturally. That will be the number to be altered to perform the trick.

criminal case


Unfortunately, the clock can not be stopped but can be slowed down so that will take a greater amount of time to discover objects and make more points. To do this, you only have to replace the 1.0 by 0.1 (the minimum value allowed). After that, you just have to press Apply, back to the game and check the effect has been applied correctly. You will notice that the clock is infinitely slower you move and every time you discover an object, all shown choppy. This means that it has worked and you can take advantage of it.

As you saw, the trick is really easy. Obviously, I urge you to use it only temporarily, because the tricks of this kind usually take away all the fun games. Now, you enjoy it.

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