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A good game deserves a good cheat, and this is that good cheat everyone else needs. We all know that this game is a hunting game where you get your rifle and head out into the woods to find some prey and complete some missions. You always want to shoot 3 gazelles but where? In the head? The stomach? In the mission you have to shoot the gazelle where the mission wants you to shoot it. Now we add a new nice cheat onto our nice cheats pile! Enjoy.

  1. Go onto the market and activate the first cheat. Everything in the market will be free now.
  2. Cash and etc are going to be unlimited.
  3. Your energy is going to stay at 10 at all times.
  4. We added short cut keys where you can decide the pace of the game.

Short cut key: G – makes game very slower

Short cut key: t – Makes the game 5x faster.

Short cut key: h – Makes the game normal pace

Cheat Engine: DOWNLOAD

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