Dragon City Cheats gold, experience, dragons, buildings and more

I have not we bring you new tricks to Dragon City, and we thought that everyday gifts giving us permission Social Point serious enough, but the truth is that we are quite disappointed, so we returned to the fray with a great trick Dragon City with which will be able to earn gold, experience, dragons, unique buildings and many more things.

To perform these tricks Dragon City should take the following steps:

1. Go to the this page..
2. Place your Facebook ID and SessionID in the respective boxes.


To know what your Facebook ID must enter the game and head towards the bottom.

To know what the Session ID (changing each time we entered the match), MUST right click on the white background, once you load the game, and select the option “View Frame Source”. They open a new window in which MUST find (CTRL + F) “sessionid” and there you will find the corresponding number.

3. Once you have both ID, press the “Get my Dragon City information” button. After waiting a few seconds for the information of our account carge can watch a lot of things you can do, some are things you can do in the game and others are tricks, as we will see below.



4. To win free experience and / or gold in Dragon City must press the following buttons:



5. can also buy some dragons, buildings, islands and other things with the following option:



6. If you do not have all the available islands, can expand and have them all for free with the following option:



We hope this has been helpful to super stunt Dragon City to win gold, experience, dragons and many other things.

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