Farmville 2, and over 60 million players on Facebook



Farmville is still fashionable. Or have you forgot consecrated cows, barns endearing and well-packed plots? The arrival of other games and over time have failed to deflate what looked like a fad. Farmville 2, the sequel to the game of Facebook, has already managed to overcome the barrier of 60 million players, positioning itself as one of the most successful games of this social network. In fact, the darling of Zynga, a company dedicated to developing applications as famous as the one in question, is because the application has more followers on Facebook. According to figures released by AppData, an independent analysis tool applications, Farmville 2 has already reached 60 million monthly active users, just weeks after the release occurred. Do not forget that the presentation of Farmville 2 took place in early September.



Farmville 2 has become the goose that lays the golden eggs Zynga . And never better said . After successes in the previous year, the company accelerated its IPO. Unfortunately, things did not go as well as expected. In fact , having raised more than a billion euros, the hopeful shareholders suffered – in recent months – up to 80 % losses. The truth is that despite this torturous time , Zynga has come to announce its partnership with a British company to expand its titles in 180 games offer different categories. His greatest success , however , has come unexpectedly, since it is not a product of the partnership or any other casual improvement. In early September , the company launched the second edition of Farmville, the popular game farm , harvesting new hits in just a few weeks.

The truth is that Zynga is struggling to get back the success and meet the expectations of its investors. And it seems they are getting. Having reached 60 million users, the company’s shares have risen to 12% , the price of $ 2.38 a share.

But what is Farmville 2 liking to users of such applications on Facebook ? Well, the new version of this interactive farm is presented with interesting changes in the graphic . Zynga significantly improved display graphics, much larger and in a new dimension. The vivid colors and objects appear in a larger size. Despite all these changes – patents at a glance – the procedure is the same game . The user will have to grow their crops to sell thereupon feed their goats, chickens and continue to expand their properties at different levels , with increasingly complicated challenges for the player . To perform these tasks, logically , have to enlist the help of his friends – also located on Facebook – among which you can share tools , money and other utilities needed to launch intensive cultivation .

The game is so addictive that soon became the most widely used application of Facebook . If you look closely , Farmville 2 has already outperformed the barrier of 60 million users and growing. We’ll see if Zynga does refloat the boat

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