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FarmVille 2: Cornelio Delivers Fertilizers

How are your crops going? Even the most experienced farmers need a little Fertilizer for FarmVille 2, and good Cornelius has it for you.

We know that in FarmVille 2 you have many activities to do to keep the best of the farms, whether planting trees, caring for the animals or selling products, but we also understand that the harvests are a fundamental piece in the development of the game, and a key element They are the fertilizers.

What would happen if all the farmers will run out of fertilizers? Better not think about it! That’s why today Cornelio makes his arrival at your farm with this small but great gift that consists of a pack of fertilizers for farmville 2, which you can use as it suits you.

Remember that the gift has an expiration date, so do not forget to invite your neighbors farmers to also receive their fertilizers, but if you need more or materials you can enter the materials section of FarmVille 2.

Note: Each Spade can only be received once every 24 hours, if you try to receive it again you will see the message of “You have already received this gift”.

Receive your Fertilizers below.

Last update: 11/9/2018

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