FarmVille 2 New Expanding Cheat

Friends, On the game FarmVille 2 i’m pronouncing you the new expanding cheat, with this really simple method you can get minimum 500 cash worth of 5 expanding’s. ; using a few codes you can gain more and more land, watch the video below.

Needed Program:Cheat Engine.

1. Open Cheat Engine.
2. Select the available Search Engine
3. Make the place that says 4 bytes to Array Of Byte
4. Search this Code up: 0463617368
5. Drag the result down and replace it with this one 0463627368
6. Visit a neighbour’s and return back to your farm on the game.
7. Go on the Expanding and hover your mouse over it and you’ll see that everyone of them are only -1 cash. Click on all and Unlock them
After the expanding has been unlocked, there will be stone, big rocks and wood around the are that you opened. To clean these and use the places you’ve opened as soon as possible :

1.Search code: obstruction_rock 

this will take all rock off!

Needed changing code: e_deco_shrub_round

2. Wood Cleaner code: obstruction_stump

Needed changing code: e_deco_shrub_round

3. Visit a neighbours farm and come back to your own farm.

Now you have 5 expanded areas in your farm and you didn’t have to get rid of rock or wood yourself we did it for you, you’re now ready for the game, Have nice time playing, Enjoy!

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