FarmVille 2: Expansions of the Prairies Magenta

farmville 2 expansions grasslands magenta

check out the new expansions that are coming to FarmVille 2, this is expanded to the Prairies Magenta and get chests on expansions.


Very soon you will be there 10 new expansions for the purchase, and so make bigger your farm. The Expansions of Grasslands Magenta can be unlocked with materials and coins, but if you don’t want to spend your resources you can make the Cheat Expansion FarmVille 2.

When you buy you’re expansions, you’ll unlock new materials, recipes, decorations and trees, in addition to some unique animals that we introduce below.

we Start with the new crops.

farmville 2 expansions grasslands magenta cropthen two new trees.

farmville 2 expansions grasslands magenta trees

More than 10 new decorations will be available to decorate your farm.

farmville 2 expansions grasslands magenta decorations

And what many hope are the unique animals that you’ll also be able to acquire. All of them start out with a few pups and you’ll have to feed them with baby Bottles in FarmVille 2 so that you can become adults.


Bird of Paradise Olivaceous.

farmville 2 bird, olivaceous

Rabbit, Czech Red.

farmville 2 rabbit, Czech red

Cow Anatolia.

farmville 2 cow anatolia

Sheep Jezersko Solcava.farmville 2 sheep jezersko solcavaHen Spangled Cornish.

farmville 2 hen spangled cornish

Chicken Andalusian Blue.

farmville 2 hen adaluz blue

Rabbit Chinchilla.

farmville 2 expansions rabbit chinchilla


Horse Tobiano Chestnut.

farmville 2 horse tobiano chestnut

Cow (Canadian).

farmville 2 cow canadian

farmville 2 cheats expansions magenta



What you seem to be the Expansions Magenta FarmVille 2? It available soon!

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