FarmVille 2: Get 10 Water

farmville 2 cheats water

What would a farm without a water supply? Here is this package of water for your farm in FarmVille 2.


water is one of the most precious items in FarmVille 2 and therefore of the most complicated of go getting. There are several ways to get water, the simplest of which is the one that grows directly in the wells, but also can carry water by using the farms of the Rural Getaway. Another way to get water is through these cheat FarmVille 2 that consist in to put supplies here on the page, which is delivered free to every farmer that desired to receive them.

On this occasion we are pleased to let this gift of water that will be added directly to your inventory in the section of the consumables. Also, remember that this water is for limited time and is subject to stock availability. Do not forget to invite your neighbors to pick up your water or come to the materials section of FarmVille 2 to get more water and other supplies.

Get your Water below.


Last update: 10/2/2017

don’t forget to share these gifts with your neighbors.



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come Back soon for more Water!

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