Find objects in the Criminal Case

Undoubtedly, the Criminal Case is one of the games of the moment on Facebook. At this point I do not think it necessary to explain what it is because you play or what you felt name, or just because you get notifications inviting you to play this great game.
That’s why, in this day you will leave the images where the objects in each stage, so that you can resolve cases faster and more sums points to compete with friends.



Cases Criminal Case
The Criminal Case is one of the most attractive games that Facebook has at the moment. Followed by Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, and others.
If you play this great game we bring you a few images with the objects we have to find in scenarios 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Objects in scenario 2 (Dead in a garden)


Objects in scenario 2
Objects in Scenario 3 (The macabre butcher)



Objects in scenario 3
Objects of scenario 4 (The murderer shipyard)



Objects in Stage 4
Objects in scenario 5 (A case of Russia)



Objects in scenario 5
I hope you learn to play the first 5 levels. Soon we are going to go up images where the objects at other levels.

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