How to have free energy in Criminal Case

In today most facebook users when they connect to this network spend most of their time playing their applications. Games that more popularity currently have are the Criminal Case, Pet Rescue and Candy Crush, if you have an account on facebook probably know these games you name either because  you get notifications with applications of these games.
On this day in haxgala we will show you how to get extra energy in Criminal Case free.



The criminal case is a very addictive game, but has a point to discover is that you can be very little playing time because he plays with energy and when that energy runs out you can just play again. While the wait time is very short, it is a bit heavy to expect in certain scenarios.
As it becomes too cumbersome to wait for the energy we have the option to pay to get more for it, either by easy payment, whether cash, pay pal, there are various ways whether energy or asking your friends.
In Haxgala we are going to present a product to be able to acquire energy for Criminal Case so you can play longer and arrest suspects.
The benefit of having more energy provides you the facility to resolve cases more quickly and thus obtain a higher score.
Then I leave the link to be redirected and can I get more energy.

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