Locker Blue – Ninja Kingdom Infinite Minar Cheat

1.Poor Enemy
Weak enemies that you could kill in one hit! These weak enemies are so easy to kill, watch out for the enemy balls though.

2. Samurai Grunt and ninja is quite weak so we give the grunt the special powers use it as much as you want no enemy could stand against you

3.Super Capacity-The Banks And the Mansions will have more gold and sushi capacity,cause this is limited get all the stuff and put it in a building or use it to make the buildings taller.

4.Infinite Jade-With this you have infinite gold, sushi and jade, which you can use to make buildings taller.

5.Instant Building- You do not have to wait for you to build your buildings taller, it will instantly get taller in one click.

6.Blocked accounts (banned) to come back.

7.Infinite Architect- You could build and make your buildings taller at the same time.


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Hi all at this we don't have any hack and cheats for game but we are planing to add hacks and chats for this browser game very soon. regards



Login to the game When Loading the game Open Cheat Engine Change 4 Bit Of Array of Byte Scan this code 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 0C 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 17 59 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 08 40 ?? ?? ?? ?? 72 ?? ?? ?? ?? 28 ?? ?? ?? ??...

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  1. jmgarlic March 16, 2014


  2. kindili aymane October 22, 2014

    9999999 JADE ET 99999999999999 SUCHI ET 9999999999999999999 DOR

  3. sanjin January 5, 2015

    how will blue locker that no video I clicked that I look video that does videos and can not get the ninja kingdom no passwords so they say

  4. admin January 20, 2015

    The cheat is very old and I don’t think to work, we Have to make an new one soon.

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