SmootHie Swipe Infinite point and movement cheat

One very new game on facebook, smoothie swipe, and we’re doing this infinite point and movement cheat.This game is very joyful and colorful,this game is made out of fruit! A various amount of it, oranges, apples, bananas, and more.You have to get these colored fruits matched colors, by clicking the mouse and moving them! And because these moves are special and there’s less of them, we’re here doing a cheat to help you out with it. You could do as much moves as you want, nothings stoping you. This cheat is so simple and this game is so joyful. Have fun!

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Hi all at this we don't have any hack and cheats for game but we are planing to add hacks and chats for this browser game very soon. regards



Login to the game When Loading the game Open Cheat Engine Change 4 Bit Of Array of Byte Scan this code 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 0C 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 17 59 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 7B ?? ?? ?? ?? 6F ?? ?? ?? ?? 08 40 ?? ?? ?? ?? 72 ?? ?? ?? ?? 28 ?? ?? ?? ??...

Candy Crush Saga Cheats: As quickly win every level

Candy Crush Saga Cheats: As quickly win every level

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